Safety on Toorak Road & The Pasifika Youth Research Project


Mr KENNEDY (Hawthorn) (09:56): I rise today to provide two important updates from the Hawthorn electorate. Standing alongside the member for Burwood, I am glad to represent a Victorian government improving road safety on Toorak Road near Hartwell Primary School. We are introducing a speed limit of 40 kilometres an hour between 7.00 am and 8.00 pm on Camberwell Road between Collings Street and Toorak Road and on Toorak Road between Ruskin Road and Oberwyl Road. Works will soon commence to make the road environment around Hartwell Primary School safer for pedestrians, cyclists and local schoolchildren alike. This is a great outcome for our community.


Mr KENNEDY: I commend, secondly, a new project working with Pasifika young people which has been endorsed with a grant from the Victorian government’s building safer communities program. I had the pleasure earlier this week to accompany the Minister for Crime Prevention to the launch of this initiative between Swinburne University and the Centre for Multicultural Youth. The project will encourage Pasifika students in their school engagement and completion, building positive trajectories for their lives. Pasifika young people have so much to offer our community, and a special thank you, then, to all those who have been involved in this project.