Rossbourne School


Mr KENNEDY (Hawthorn) (09:51): Last week it was a delight to meet parents, staff and students of Hawthorn’s Rossbourne School and present student representative badges to Amy, Jake, Ariel, Bella, Elliott, Chris, Sam, Nikita, Ella, Jack and Jake.

Rossbourne is a non-government school for students aged 11 to 17. Principal Shane Kamsner took over from Linden Hearn, who retired last year after 30 years of sterling service. Rossbourne specifically assists students with identifiable learning issues to achieve their full potential, both educationally and socially. Regretfully, it is a fact that not all students can be adequately supported and provided for in mainstream schools. Rossbourne caters for individual learning needs through broad-based education programs specifically designed to promote each student’s development. Students achieve a sense belonging, cooperation and success.

I really compliment Rossbourne on their successes. When you meet Rossbourne students in the street they always greet you by name, which is probably more than any other student would. I am always delighted to meet them as I get on the train and they get off the train. I send congratulations to Rossbourne on the beginning no doubt of another successful year.