Invasion of Ukraine

As a former officer in the RAAF, I was especially delighted to be given the honour of representing the government at the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin.

It was a timely reminder that many Australians have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our democracy and way of life. There are obvious parallels between the sacrifices made by Australians in conflicts of the 20th century and the Ukrainian people’s heroic defence of their country in the midst of a violent invasion by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I unequivocally condemn his actions. He seeks regime change in Ukraine, and I sincerely hope he leaves disappointed and defeated. We fly the Ukrainian flag over Parliament this week in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. It serves to remind us of our continual duty to maintain and protect our democracy. My constituents in Hawthorn have resoundingly voiced their support for the brave Ukrainian government. I am heartened by the fact that Victoria stands ready to assist the commonwealth government with resettling refugees and by the aid our federal counterparts will provide to Ukraine. My thoughts are with the Australians of Ukrainian descent who remain worried for their family members.

Slava Ukraini.

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