Camberwell Junction Crown Land

Mr KENNEDY (Hawthorn) (09:51:17): On 31 October I lodged a petition on behalf of many passionate residents of the City of Boroondara in my electorate of Hawthorn. The petition outlined how more public parks and playgrounds are needed for the rapidly growing population of Camberwell Junction and especially for the children of Camberwell Primary School, which has seen a rapid increase in enrolments over recent years. Since 2010 Crown land owned by the state government that was historically used for public gardens and as a children’s playground for over 100 years has been used primarily as a car park for the public and staff of Boroondara City Council. The petitioners requested that the Legislative Assembly call on the Victorian government to work with Boroondara City Council to restore the historic park at Camberwell Junction with playgrounds and facilities by dedicating a segment of Reserve Road, Camberwell, and adjacent Crown land for this purpose and, further, that the original permanent reservation of Crown land allotment 113C be restored for public gardens, as it was from 1882 to 1969. This additional land would be welcome, and I look forward to working with the government and Boroondara City Council in providing much-needed public space for the residents of Camberwell Junction.