Boroondara Cares Foundation

Mr KENNEDY (Hawthorn) (10:00:30): I would like to speak about a charitable initiative within my Hawthorn electorate: the Boroondara Cares Chances scholarship program. This program helps motivated and talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, aiding them to excel in their school environment free of financial burdens. These scholarships are made possible through the hard efforts of eight Rotary clubs, Swinburne University and multiple businesses in my electorate and surrounding electorates, and I commend them for contributing to such a wonderful cause. A Chances scholarship provides money for resources, such as textbooks, laptops and myki cards, helping recipients to stay in and flourish at school. They provide the platform which every young person deserves, keeping these talented students from falling by the wayside due to financial troubles. Since 2006 this fabulous endeavour has so far provided over 1000 scholarships, with many of these recipients going on to achieve their education goals, with many completing a degree or vocational qualifications. I once again commend all those who have helped to provide the opportunities of education that everyone, without exception, deserves.

Edition 1: June 17 2019
June 17, 2019
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May 28, 2019