My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Crime Prevention. The action I seek is that the minister provide an update on the outcomes of the graffiti prevention grant of $18 000 given to Boroondara City Council for the refurbishment and installation of two murals on each side of the rebound wall in Grace Park in my electorate of Hawthorn. These are the second and third murals being delivered in Hawthorn, with the first mural, near Auburn station, having been completed in May 2019, which has improved the amenity around Auburn station.

Since 2015 the government has partnered with councils and local communities by providing nearly $2.2 million in funding to support 111 graffiti prevention grant projects. Through the Working for Victoria Fund, many local councils have also been funded to clean and maintain community areas and buildings, helping to remove graffiti. To help local government take action the government has also provided $69 000 towards the development of the Victorian graffiti register, through which Victorians can now easily report graffiti through a website and app. It will also enable councils to identify specific problem taggers or identify graffiti hotspots and report them to Victoria Police for further investigation.

The register was introduced to councils in September 2020. There are already eight councils using the program, including my local council of Boroondara, with many others engaging with the provider and Graffiti Interest Network members. The government has also given communities more opportunities to remove graffiti through the community safety infrastructure grants, which have helped to upgrade safety in common areas. Some of the projects funded include graffiti-prevention work as well as better lighting, CCTV and other preventative measures to stop graffiti before it occurs. I look forward to the minister’s update on how the new murals at Grace Park will make a difference in helping to deter graffiti and other antisocial behaviour.