My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Creative Industries, and the action I seek is an update on how the government’s support for creative industries benefits my constituents and businesses in Hawthorn. As we are all aware, many businesses have suffered during the COVID pandemic, including Melbourne’s world-famous arts and music scene, which sees us attract visitors from all around the world. I am proud to be part of a government that has committed to make this important part of Melbourne’s culture not only survive but thrive, with an unprecedented investment of $288 million in the creative industries in the Victorian budget of 2021–22. This will create a further 60 000 jobs in addition to the 40 000 jobs that will follow from the $191.5 million Vicscreen industry package announced before the budget and builds on the record $220 million delivered in last year’s budget. Our support for creative industries is not simply focused on recovery but is a forward-thinking vision about how we can build back better. This investment will see Victoria generate more compelling local content and intellectual property and foster greater skills, talent and jobs as we grow the industries. These are big numbers that make a real difference to the employability of artists, their crews, bookers, promoters, venue owners and their employees. I have seen this in my own electorate of Hawthorn. Hawthorn is close to the city and easily accessible by public transport, which sees many locals and people from further afield flock to the live music venues, cinemas, galleries and other creative enterprises in the area. I have had the pleasure to visit Nevermind Bar in Glenferrie Road, a renowned live music venue that has been around for over 20 years. Nevermind Bar has added to the vibrancy of the Swinburne University district and has given many now-famous musicians a start in their career. Members of Parliament who, like me, of course, are familiar with the latest hit music will no doubt recognise artists like Chet Faker, Josh Soon, Alibaba and many other Triple J and ARIA award winners among its alumni—and close to the heart of the member for Eltham. Cultural institutions like Nevermind Bar fuel the vitality of our local economy, and their continued existence makes us all richer for it. I look forward to the minister’s update.