Working And Living With COVID Restrictions

Last Thursday and Friday as a “permitted worker” at Parliament I spoke in the Legislative Assembly on the Police and Emergency Legislation Amendment Bill.  Victorian Police and Protective Services Officers continue great work in looking after our community during these difficult times.  This legislation enhances their work on our behalf.

It is a privilege and blessing to be a “permitted worker” at both Parliament and Hawthorn Electorate Office in Camberwell, to have a break from the confines of home lockdown.  However, I am certainly sharing with you much of the lockdown pain.  For example, last October I became a grandfather for the very first time!  However, over these months there has been no journeying from my home in Hawthorn to Elsie’s home in Rosanna and vice versa; thank goodness for facetime!

While we really miss siting down at Elgin Inn, Tea House on Burke, Chois, Viet Star and others we are so grateful for our takeaways including Colin’s Catch, Lady Dan’s, Double Zero, Chapter 21, Legacy and Mother Dough.