Why We’re With The ACF

This is the final edition in our series of six articles, written by the members of the Australian Conservation Foundation’s (ACF) Boroondara Branch.

This series has been a fantastic collaboration between John Kennedy MP and the Boroondara branch of the ACF to raise awareness and comprehension around the most crucial issues to do with the environment and its preservation. As the Member for Hawthorn, John is passionate about protecting the beautiful environment, locally and beyond.

Prior to this final article, ACF Boroondara also brought you:

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In this edition, members of the Boroondara branch reflect on their reasons for joining the ACF and why fighting climate change is such a priority.


‘I became concerned about protecting the environment back in April, 2013, after being shocked to learn about the possible destruction that awaited both farmland and wilderness areas, due to the demands placed on the environment by the usage of coal, oil, and gas, as sources of the energy we need to conduct and maintain our economy and our lifestyle.

And I also learned how solar, wind, and hydro-power can generate electricity without releasing the destructive gases that endanger our health, harm our environment, and cost us so dearly.  By acting with ACF, I hope to protect and nurture the natural environment, for my own enjoyment, and that of generations to come.’


‘When the bushfires raged last year, the Prime Minister finally acknowledged that our climate is changing.  I was so relieved, and I thought that at last the political games over climate change had ended.  I was wrong!  The game changed from denying to delaying.  I am 58 years old, and have spent the majority of my working life as a criminal prosecutor.  I believe in our political system, and much of the time, it works.  When it doesn’t work, I believe it is up to us to convince our elected representatives that this time they haven’t got it right.  I have two sons aged 19 and 21, who are worried about the future of our planet.  They have asked me, how our generation let this happen.  By joining ACF, I added my voice to those of the 700,000 Aussies who are advocating for immediate and effective action on climate change.’


‘Being so fortunate as to travel to 35 countries, I have seen remarkable beauty all around the world.  Yet, I have also seen much suffering as well, which will only intensify as climate change gets worse and worse.  I hope, that by being a part of ACF, I can help nurture and push our transition to a carbon-neutral society, as soon as possible.

So we are united by our love and concern for the natural world, and our concern for the health and well-being of generations to come.’

New members are always welcome. If you would like to join the ACF Boroondara branch, please sign-up here and someone will be in touch.

ACF Community Boroondara is part of a network of independently organised, non-partisan, volunteer-run groups in the ACF community.

Deadly And Proud
February 19, 2021