Where To Get Your Covid-19 Vaccination

On Monday the 9th of August, we extended eligibility for the AstraZeneca vaccine to include 18-39 year olds. On that same day, our state smashed vaccination records, with 22,670 doses of vaccine administered at state-run sites alone.

Young people are getting it done, helping our state and nation move closer to relief. But no matter who you are, or how old, you can help too. See below some of the locations where Hawthorn constituents can get vaccinated.

  • Camberwell Junction Medical Clinic
  • Access Health and Community
  • HEMAC – GP and Allied Health
  • Canterbury Medical Clinic
  • BMC Camberwell (Boroondara Medical Clinic)
  • Camberwell Medical Group
  • The Medical Clinic Hawthorn
  • Stotts Corner Pharmacy
  • Guardian Medical Hawthorn
  • Hawthorn Medical
  • Power Pharmacy
  • Boroondara Health and Wellness Centre
  • Hawthorn East Medical and Aesthetic Clinic
  • Auburn Road Medical Centre
  • Camberwell Road Medical Practice
  • Cotham Rd Pharmacy
  • Burney Street Medical Clinic
  • Junction Place Medical Centre
  • Terry White Chemists Camberwell
  • My Clinic Camberwell
  • Camberwell Pharmacy
  • Camberwell Junction Medical Clinic
  • Burke Rd Discount Drug Store
  • Chemist Warehouse Hawthorn East
  • Mediscreen Clinic
  • Camberwell Medical Group
  • Tooronga Family Medical
  • Amcal Tooronga
  • Access Health and Community
  • Camberwell Medical Centre Umbrella Health

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