Vietnam Veterans Day And Thanking Our RSL

On 18 August we commemorated Vietnam Veterans Day.

It was a tragic war that saw the loss of many lives and the scarring of a nation. Australians who served in Vietnam, many of whom were young, were thrown into the thick of a brutal conflict. They should be remembered and respected for the personal sacrifice they all made.

The Shrine of Remembrance held a commemorative ceremony live that was streamed live to people all around Victoria who wanted to pay their respects to our Vietnam Veterans.

Watch the full commemorative ceremony here:

Today provides a great opportunity to say thank you to all ex-service people in our community. I would like to especially highlight the work of the Hawthorn RSL and Camberwell City RSL who support our communities ADF veterans and current service people.

Hawthorn RSL shared this message on their Facebook to mark Vietnam Veterans Day:

These RSLs not only make a big difference to their members but make our local community stronger. Our veterans and current service people deserve our support Their work is nothing short of life saving. I thank the RSL for supporting Hawthorn’s heroes.

If you would like to find out more about our community’s RSL or support their work please visit:

On a day in which we remember our Vietnam Veterans I would also like to encourage organisations in this area to apply for Victorian Government grants. Ex-service organisations, educational institutions and not-for-profit organisations can all apply for grants to support and commemorate veterans.

For more information and to apply please visit: