Victorian Budget Breakdown

As the Member for Hawthorn, John Kennedy was proud to watch as Treasurer Tim Pallas tabled the Andrews Government’s State Budget for 2021-22.

This Budget will support an average of 38,000 jobs every year over the next four years, while also investing in the care and services our community needs. 

Here, we break down some of the Budget’s key initiatives.

Investing in Local Sports Infrastructure: $55.00 million

  • Funding will support the delivery of new and upgraded community sport and recreation infrastructure, including $17 million for the Local Sports Infrastructure Fund and $10 million for the Female Friendly Facilities Fund, ensuring that women and girls can access appropriate community sporting facilities.
  • Funding will also support the delivery of strategically identified projects, such as large-scale or regionally significant sporting infrastructure. Sport specific facilities will also be delivered to assist the elite and sports development programs of state sporting associations.

Schools: Grant Programs

  • Accessible Buildings Program: $15 million to improve access to school facilities for students with disabilities and additional needs. Facility modifications may include providing ramps and handrails, alterations to toilet and shower facilities and adjustments for students with vision or heating impairments.
  • Inclusive Schools Fund: $10 million to continue the Inclusive Schools Fund, which funds infrastructure works such as playgrounds, outdoor sensory areas and quiet re-engagement spaces.
  • Minor Capital Works Fund: $20 million to continue the Minor Capital Works Fund, which provides the opportunity for schools to seek funding for minor capital projects that are a priority for their school.
  • Swimming and Water Safety Education: Continuation of swimming and water safety education programs to government, Catholic and specialist schools, and to introduce these programs to government English language schools. Funding also continues the Public Water Safety Initiative, which delivers workshops and other resources to improve students’ swimming and water safety competency.

Funding for Women’s Health Services: $2.40 million

 Funding for 12 women’s health services across Victoria to meet growing demand for gender responsive healthcare, including prevention of family violence support services, women’s mental health and sexual and reproductive health services. This is part of an overall budget package worth $91 million.

Support for Multicultural Communities

  • $8 million to continue the multicultural seniors grants to assist these groups provide immediate assistance for multicultural seniors to continue engaging with their local communities, which will help reduce social isolation, communicate health advice and engage with recovery strategies
  • $1.1 million to expand the Multicultural Festivals and Events Programs
  • $4.25 million for multicultural community infrastructure grants

Tram stop accessibility, amenity and safety upgrades: $7.63 million

Accessibility, amenity and safety improvements to lift all kerbside tram stops to a consistent standard. Improvements will include the installation of braille plates at up to 1200 tram stops; tactile ground surface indicators at about 1000 tram stops; concrete hardstands at about 200 tram stops; and better lighting, weather protection and road markings at about 40 high-priority tram stops.

Strengthening Regional and Metropolitan Partnerships: $16.10 million

Continuing the Regional and Metropolitan Partnerships Programs with a Partnership Development Fund to deliver programs and projects that matter to local communities.

International Education Recovery and Growth

Continuing programs that will assist the recovery and growth of Victoria’s international education sector. This includes continuing the Study Melbourne brand, Study Melbourne Student Centre, and the Study Melbourne Inclusion and Empowered Programs. This initiative also continues delivery of the Global Education Network and Study Melbourne Hubs.

Publicly led fertility care services for Victoria: $70.00 million

Supporting the delivery of a public fertility care service model that will enable the Victorian Government to deliver its 2018 election commitment to assist more people to become parents through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and establish Australia’s first public sperm and egg bank.