Taking Electric Vehicles Seriously

The Andrews Labor Government is investing  $45 million to support the uptake of electric vehicles across Victoria.

We’re encouraging the uptake of zero and low emission vehicles with several key initiatives, including:

  • discounted vehicle registration fees and stamp duty concessions,
  • investing in fast charging networks for motorists across major highways and tourism destinations,
  • a state-wide trial to investigate solutions to achieve a zero-emission bus fleet, and
  • funding to introduce electric vehicle-ready provisions in new buildings from 2022.

Anthony Albanese and Federal Labor’s plans to slash the price of electric vehicles to accelerate the transition away from petrol-powered cars will complement our State policies

Backing  the take-up of electric vehicles as we move closer to net zero emissions by 2050 is about helping more Australians make the move towards electric vehicles, in a way that is more affordable and economically sustainable.

Importantly, our package of reforms has been designed so that zero and low emission vehicles (ZLEVs) owners will continue to pay less in road-related taxes and charges than other drivers – around 40 to 50 per cent less than an average driver pays in fuel excise. This is because we know how beneficial these vehicles are to the environment and to public health.

Owners of internal combustion engine vehicles currently pay $600 a year in fuel excise. In contrast, electric vehicle owners will only pay $330 per year in distance-based road usage charges and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles owners will only pay $260 a year.

This policy actively incentivises electric vehicles but recognises the reality that roads and the infrastructure to support electric vehicles need to be paid for – avoiding a future dilemma where electric vehicles dominate new car purchases, but owners pay little to no tax.

We will be releasing our renewed climate change strategy in the coming months, which includes a pledge to reduce emissions in the transport sector. Victoria’s Labor Government already has the strongest climate change legislation in the country. We remain on track to meet our target of net-zero emissions by 2050.