State Budget Delivers Canterbury Sports Ground Upgrades

I’m pleased to announce that the 2022-23 Victorian State Budget has committed $1.25 million to upgrading the Canterbury Sports Ground clubrooms.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and added your voice of support. It was crucial in building momentum and making a strong case for this project.

Over the last year, it has been my pleasure to work with the Canterbury Cricket Club, Canterbury Football Club, Canterbury Junior Football Club, my colleague, Paul Hamer MP, and the Minister for Community Sport, Ros Spence, to deliver this project. In particular, I’d like to thank Michael Angwin, BJ Lashbrook, and Peter Jago.

This funding will help to:

  • rebuild the current clubrooms to be more accessible,
  • build appropriate bathrooms and changing room facilities for men and women,
  • create appropriate sheltering for spectators, and
  • elevate the base of the clubrooms to address flooding issues and improve the viewing experience of spectators.

The $1.25 million delivered in the Victorian State Budget will supplement the $2.2M committed to the project by Boroondara Council and will ensure that the club can build the inclusive facilities its members require.

The combined membership, player group, supporter base of around 4000 people for Canterbury Cricket Club, Canterbury Football Club and Canterbury Junior Football Club, and broader community will all benefit from this upgrade.

Thank you for your comments on the petition, here are some of the highlights:

“We need this upgrade to grow our club especially our womens teams. Will also encourage more spectators and community engagement and current facilities make it very hard to watch cricket/footy games”

“As a local resident with three boys, the Canterbury Sports Ground is very dear to us. We are active members in the clubs associated with the sports ground and greatly value all it provides to ourselves and our community. We strongly support John, Paul and all those involved in securing the extra funding the grounds and facilities need so that they continue to provide a significant space for current and future residents and visitors.”

“We are a successful and thriving cricket club with junior girls teams and senior womens. Our facilities do not do us or the beautiful location justice. We need facilities for girls and females who are playing, umpiring or supporting. We need rooms that are accessible”

I look forward to attending my first footy or cricket game in the renovated clubrooms.

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