Rocket Park

The Rocket

The rocket in Central Gardens has been a defining feature of that park for decades. So much so that we have all come to know it as “Rocket Park”.

Boroondara Council is currently planning to renew the playground in Central Gardens.  Community consultation has been via online survey and an on-site drop-in session on Thursday, 11 February.  The preservation and safe operation of the historic and much-loved rocket should be our priority. I am reliably informed that the rocket is highly likely to stay.

I will provide you with an update when I know more. Follow my social media pages or contact my office if you have any questions.  For more information from the Council visit this page.

Back in the Chamber

Last week, it was a pleasure to be back in Parliament proudly speaking on the Spent Convictions Bill.

I noted that Victoria is the only Australian state with no legislated approach to protect individuals from needing to disclose old or minor convictions.

The requirement to continually disclose minor convictions can have a perpetually harmful effect on a previous offender’s chance of obtaining employment, training and housing.

In a fair and humane justice system, people deserve a second chance. The point of conviction and incarceration is not only to punish and to deter – but, wherever reasonably possible, to also rehabilitate. The Spent Convictions Bill will make our system, here in Victoria, more equitable.