Respecting And Celebrating Senior Hawthorn Citizens

Note: Featured photo taken before COVID-19 restrictions

Some may know that in June 2016 Bronwyn Lane and I moved from Deepdene, our home since 2004, to a retirement village in Hawthorn.  This continues to be a great move for all sorts of reasons including fantastic public transport and other amenities.  However, by far the most important “plusses” are quality friendships.  Time and again we have been struck by their histories of wonderful service to the community in a variety of areas, especially health and education.  They continue to contribute in so many ways to the wider community such as in fundraising for Rotary, weekly hospital visitation and looking after grandchildren.  It is a real delight for me to send personal birthday cards on their 75th, 80th, 90th. 100+ milestones.  So much achieved over those years, especially in the service and love of fellow human beings.

There are those who have been adversely affected by circumstances facing aged-care facilities.  It has been extremely saddening to see the effect this awful virus has had on our elderly.  I sympathise with the experience of residents, their families and carers.  It has been a remarkably difficult period for all us, but especially our friends and family in aged care facilities. In my retirement community we have so far been lucky to avoid COVID-19. Yet this does not mean we are immune.

The importance of quality community care financed by State and Federal Government is well understood and supported by your Member for Hawthorn.  Such care for some can even be the difference between life and death.  Our priority at the Victorian Government is keeping people safe and healthy. Especially those who are the most vulnerable in our community.

We are working with the Australian Governments through the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre, which has been established to co-ordinate and expand resources to respond to outbreaks in residential aged care homes.  The Centre will bring together Commonwealth and State government agencies at the State Control Centre in Melbourne in a co-ordinated effort to manage the impact of the pandemic. We are also assisting with infection control, clinical support, deep cleaning, testing, contact tracing, communications support and replacement workforce where necessary.

For senior citizens in our community who do not live in aged care facilities, information and support can be found here:

I ask you to play your part in showing your gratitude and keeping our older community members safe. Follow the latest health advice and restrictions, stay in touch with those who may be lonely, avoid unnecessary outings and maintain smart hygiene.

A Word about Supporting Workers Without Sick Leave

We’re providing financial assistance to workers without sick leave or special pandemic leave and no income, so they don’t feel compelled to turn up to work even if they’re unwell.   This is a $1,500 payment – and we’ve extended it to provide these workers with a $300 support payment from the time of testing.

For more information please visit: