Re-Opening Of Melbourne’s Tram Museum In Hawthorn

The Melbourne Tram Museum is a volunteer-based non-profit group that focuses on the preservation and display of Melbourne’s tramway history. It re-opened on 27 March and from this month will return to its normal operating schedule, with open days on the second and fourth Saturdays each month. It is located at the junction of Power Street and Wallen Road in Hawthorn.

The purpose of the Museum is to:

  • establish and operate a volunteer group to assist in the running of the depot and to staff the facility on open days
  • acquire, store and exhibit objects and information about the history of Melbourne’s tramways
  • maintain and develop the display of historic tramcars and similar objects
  • promote Melbourne tramway heritage initiatives and;
  • provide information on the heritage of street tramway services in Melbourne.

As an avid user of public transport, I look forward to visiting the Museum and learning more about the history of the world’s most extensive tram network.