Funding For Mens’ Sheds

I was delighted with the government’s recent announcement that $870 000 would be directed towards upgrading men’s sheds across Victoria.

Men’s sheds are safe and productive spaces for men to work on common projects and participate in their local community. They are a fantastic source of community engagement and support, as they mentor young people as well as use woodwork or machinery skills to create items for organisations and residents in need.

In my electorate, I am proud of the work of the Hawthorn Men’s Shed, which is one of four men’s sheds in the City of Boroondara and just a stone’s throw away from where I live. The Hawthorn Men’s Shed is a popular community hub in my electorate. So many constituents will no doubt have a story or two of how they have been assisted greatly by these fine chaps. Many activities pre-COVID undertaken there include woodworking, gardening and book club, as well as regular lunches and barbecues.

It is a sad reality that Men’s Sheds across Victoria have struggled financially because they have not been able to undertake normal fundraising activities. I am pleased that these grants will help the Hawthorn Men’s Shed and many others emerge strongly from the pandemic.