Looking for a mini Matisse to spread the word about bus safety

Fancy yourself as an up and coming young artist? Transdev is looking for the next mini Matisse among Victorian Prep – Year 6 students to create a poster promoting safe travel on buses.

The bus safety poster competition is open until 19 September with the objective of promoting safe behaviour among school students when travelling on buses.

Students can design a poster based around two themes – bus safety in wet weather and safety in and around bus stops.

With winter often bringing wet and slippery roads, bus passengers may be at risk of increased slips, trips and falls. The aim of the theme is to help students understand safe travel behaviours such as holding on and keeping the aisles clear to avoid slipping or falling.

The second theme encourages students and parents to consider safe travel behaviours at bus stops and interchanges including paying attention to other vehicles and staying a safe distance from the road.

Prizes include games, fitness and art packs and book vouchers and will be awarded in three categories – Prep – Year 2, Years 3 – 4 and Years 5 – 6. A special prize called the “Journey Makers’ Choice Award” chosen by popular vote of Transdev Melbourne staff will also be awarded in each category and a prize awarded to the school with the most student entries. Winners will be announced in early October.

For competition details and to submit entries visit the Transdev website by clicking here.

September 3, 2021
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September 3, 2021