Infrastructure in Hawthorn

Below are the ideas received for the $65 million allocated for infrastructure after the abandonment of commuter carparks by the Federal Government.

A Hawthorn to Box Hill shared bike trail

“Hawthorn to Box Hill shared trail. I’m not sure where the project is at, but I’m very much behind Bike and Electric Scooter infrastructure.”

“The $65million would be much better spent building the Hawthorn to Box Hill trail strategic cycling corridor. It would provide safe, healthy, car-free, climate-friendly pedestrian and bike transport through the Kooyong electorate. Every trip on a bike is one less car on the roads.”  Peter Campbell said, in The Age 

“It could be used to fund the Hawthorn to Box Hill Rail Trail. It should be more than enough for the deluxe version we’d like to see. If this were built it could rival the Gardiners Creek Trail as a drawcard for commuter cyclists riding to the CBD, as well as offering a safe route for more local trips.”  

“Support separated bike lanes… active transport. Reduce carbon emissions, air pollution and improve mental and physical health.” 

Access tunnels, walkability and other dedicated bike lanes 

“Create a pedestrian and bicycle access tunnel beneath Power St from Grace Park to the west side of Power St.”

“Maybe we should be closing off some streets to protect children and create peaceful neighbourhoods? Maybe we could work with VicRoads to better manage through traffic? Can we explore ways to make Hawthorn more walkable, with more local employment opportunities? Why don’t we introduce free local electric school bus services to get kids to and from schools and subsidise more before and after school care so that children can be dropped off earlier or picked up later to reduce the ridiculous intensity of the school rush periods?”

“Separated bike lane along Glenferrie Road would change my life!”

We need a safe east/west cycle route to the city to assist with congestion. We also need more safe cycle routes throughout the area – too many large cars clogging rat runs to drive 2-5km.” 

Community battery storage

 “Community Battery Storage. I would point you to the success that the Yackandandah Shire Council has had with their project.”

Increase open space and green canopy

“Relocate underground the existing smaller car parks on the easter side of Glenferrie Rd and use these areas to create well planted green open space. A model for this can be seen in Prahran behind Chapel St where the Council have done this and created parkland and an amphitheatre.”

“More open space is essential due to the large number of apartment buildings currently being built. Buy up small areas of land as they come available, particularly in densely populated areas such as Hawthorn Kew and Camberwell, to create smaller parks, (between parallel streets to maximise the benefits).”

“Cover the open drain in West Hawthorn and turn the space gained into a ribbon park.”