Happy National TAFE Day

Today (August 13) we take the chance to celebrate the wonderful and life changing TAFE system.

I have always advocated for and believed in strong investment in education. TAFE needs more support. This virus has only highlighted the importance of providing quality, accessible and job ready education.

Thank you to all of our TAFE staff, students and supporters for making a better Australian society. I would like to particularly thank those who are involved with TAFE at Swinburne University of Technology who provide a quality education for our community and beyond.

As we acknowledge the important place of TAFE in our society funding cuts to the system are hurting young workers who want to get their foot in the door, and workers who need to reskill.

Youth unemployment is now above 20 per cent in parts of the country and thousands of workers lost their jobs after the Liberals and Nationals abandoned the automotive manufacturing industry.

If you support ending funding cuts and fully supporting our TAFE system, sign our petition below:

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August 13, 2020