Five Years From The Royal Commission Into Family Violence

This fortnight we marked five years since the Royal Commission into Family Violence concluded in Victoria.

We established the Royal Commission into Family Violence to shine a light on our biggest law and order issue. Its final report was the beginning of a long and complex journey. Five years on,  we’re still  committed to realising the recommendations of that report.

The historic Royal Commission undertook 25 days of public hearings, conversations with over 800 Victorians, and almost 1,000 written submissions. Survivors, families of victims, experts and service providers were called on for their experiences and perspectives.

The Andrews Labor Government is, and has been, implementing every single one of the Royal Commission’s 227 recommendations. We have invested more than $3 billion in combatting family violence. More than every government in Australia (state or federal), combined.

A key progression has been the establishment of Respect Victoria, an organisation dedicated to the prevention of family violence, focusing on stopping violence before it starts by changing the norms, practices and structures which allow it to occur. (add hyperlink)

John Kennedy, the Member for Hawthorn, explained that measures like the founding of Respect Victoria would not have been possible without a Royal Commission into Family Violence.

“We know too many women and children continue to suffer and die at the hands of their partners.
The services, support and safety this investment is providing is saving lives and protecting women every day,” explained John.

“But we know there is so much more to do – and we will do it.”