Deadly And Proud

Victoria has a rich history, a deep history.

While Aboriginal people have long preserved and celebrated their history, it is important that all Victorians acknowledge the resilience, pride and achievements of Aboriginal Victorians.

This month the Andrews Government launched the Deadly & Proud campaign.

Deadly & Proud features the stories of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians such as musician Archie Roach, actor Miranda Tapsell, footballers Courtney Ugle and Tony Armstrong, among many others.

The stories cover everything from the ancient eel traps at Budj Bim, to contemporary Aboriginal comic book culture, and are mapped to a place where each storyteller has a unique connection to the land.

Deadly & Proud is about getting more Victorians to feel pride in our shared history.

You can explore the Deadly and Proud stories further by visiting the new website.

Edition 43: February 22 2021
February 22, 2021
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