Commending State Schools Relief For Their Support In Hawthorn

It’s a global reality that education hung in the balance this year while the world navigated (and continues to navigate) a public health crisis. Education is one of Victoria’s biggest assets, and one we worked hard to protect through 2020, though it wasn’t easy. It ‘takes a village’, and that’s why I’d like to celebrate and appreciate the contributions that State Schools’ Relief made to Hawthorn this year.

Celebrating their 90th Anniversary in 2020, State Schools’ Relief is a not-for-profit organisation that improves the lives of tens of thousands of disadvantaged Victorian students every year. These students were the most vulnerable to falling behind during home learning without adequate resources, and that’s where State Schools’ Relief came in.

During remote learning, the organisation provided students in need across the state with thousands of Internet USBs and stationary packs, as well as almost a thousand desk and chair study packs, and laptops. In the Hawthorn electorate, they supported 85 students, by providing hundreds of items across these categories.

Visible seeing the impact that State Schools’ Relief makes, particularly in times of crisis, is a point of pride for the Victorian Government. As of 2019, we were providing upwards of $22 million to assist their Affordable School Uniforms Program, and my colleague Sonia Kilkenny serves as the Victorian Government Ambassador for the organisation.

Once again, a warm thank you to State Schools’ Relief for the way that they collaborate with our Government to help and support Victorian families in accessing education without barriers, and a congratulations on ninety years of this wonderful service.

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