Affordable and social housing in Bills Street

On 16 August, I was again watching a Council committee, this time to hear discussion on the Victorian Government’s long overdue construction of 12,000 units of affordable and social housing including Hawthorn’s share of 206 units in Bills Street.

I am privileged to chair a Bills Street Community Reference Group (CRG) composed of 8 appointed local residents and another 8 drawn from other stakeholder groups: Access Health, Boroondara Council (Mayor and Riversdale Councillor), Hawthorn and Malvern Hockey Centre, Hawthorn Cycling Club, Servants Community Housing and the Victorian Public Tenants Association. 

Supporting this advisory group are staff from my Hawthorn Electorate Office and Homes Victoria as the Victorian Government’s responsible and professionally qualified entity for design, landscape and other building matters.

The CRG commenced on Tuesday, 6 July and meets every six weeks including last Thursday, 16 August.  See also Fortnightly Updates No 44, No 47 and No 55 on our website.

I have been pleased to advocate for a new replacement carpark for the community. Homes Victoria have provided five replacement options. I look forward to Council’s upcoming meeting on this subject and hope that the interests of the community, particularly of the sporting clubs, will prevail.

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