$11.5 Million for Local School Sporting Space

The Member for Hawthorn, John Kennedy, is proud to announce the Andrews Government’s delivery of $11.5 million to upgrade sporting facilities used by Swinburne Senior Secondary College and the broader community in the 2021-2022 State Budget.

The funds will contribute to the redevelopment of Fritsch Holzer Park, to provide a new two-court, competition grade gym for the local Senior Secondary College. This is in addition to the Commonwealth Government’s contribution of $8 million. The City of Boroondara will contribute to the project by making the Rose Street carpark accessible to the new development.

Acting Principal (formerly Assistant Principal) Robert Lewkowicz has worked on this project since 2013, and is to be congratulated for his efforts. Mr Lewkowicz exudes passion for his work with the students of Hawthorn, and works tirelessly for anything that can benefit their learning experience.

Students at Swinburne Senior Secondary College deserve to have a top-tier, safe and comfortable facility for their sporting activities. The current facilities hail from the 1970s and are due for modernisation and expansion. The broader community will also benefit from this development with access to the facilities during after-hours and over weekends. We know that sport benefits people’s mental health, and helps young people to develop their social skills and personal skills.  With this investment the Andrews Government will ensure that  people in Hawthorn have improved access to these rewards.

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